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1AG - SCJ General Procure


First of all we must say a GREAT THANK YOU to Father Celson Altenhofen for his valuable service to the General Government over the past 4 years. Before coming to Rome, Fr. Celson had a lot of experience in this field, both as procurator of the BSP Province and as judicial vicar and president of the Regional Ecclesiastical Court of Salvador in the State of Bahia in Brazil. At the request of Archbishop Murilo SebastiĆ£o Krieger SCJ, Fr. Celson presided over the Tribunal until his appointment as General Procurator. During all his activity he was also a teacher and assistant in our own and many other institutions. He prepared many religious and priests, including many SCJ confreres, to know the laws and duties of those who serve the Church of Christ. 


The new procurator, Fr. Antonius Purwono, is Indonesian. He was born in Java (1974) and grew up on the island of Sumatra. He has lived in Rome since 2016 and was vice-secretary general until June 19. 

Father Antonio merely changed his office, leaving one that overlooks the garden of the Generalate, to have a view of the Hotel Villa Aurelia from of his window.  

Our former vice general secretary has a background in Canon Law. He studied from 2013 to 2016 at Saint Paul University in Ottawa, Canada. After completing his licentiate, he was called by the then Superior General, Fr. Heiner Wilmer, to work in the General Secretariat. 


We thank Fr. Antonio for his willingness to continue to serve the Congregation in another mission. And we ask the Lord to bless him so that he may have serenity and patience to verify with discernment and wisdom the many cases that will come to his table.

We also ask the Lord many blessings for Father Celson. He will return to his mother province, the BSP.   

May the Heart of Jesus continue to give to our congregation missionaries like these who serve God far from their homeland without counting the cost.

Vivat Cor Jesu!


Levi Ferreira, scj