Rereading the Constitutions

A series of presentations of the "Reading Guide" to the Constitutions, written by Fr. Albert Bourgeois.continue
Dehonian Worldwide
16 June 2021

Time to Start Again with Enthusiasm

The canonical visit of the Superior General and counselor Fr. Artur to the Dehonians of Southern Italy (ITM), May 03-26, 2021, took place in an Easter atmosphere.

14 June 2021

“I find myself in a spirit of optimism and hope”

On April 29, 2021 the Superior General appointed new provincial administration in Cameroon. The new administration begins today, June 14.. The new Provincial Superior, Fr. Alban Pascal Noudjom Tchana speaks.

With open heart
10 June 2021

Video message of Father General

on the occasion of the Feast of the Sacred Heart

On the peripheries
09 June 2021

Dehonians in Mozambique living Laudato Si

Dehonians and Missionary Company of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Work together implementing Laudato Si

06 June 2021

#scjnews l 8

Interview with Fr. João Nélio Pereira, Provincial Superior of the Dehonians in Portugal.

In memoriam
19 June 2021

Fr. Józef Kusek

* 01.01.1947
† 19.06.2021

P. Daniel Kouobou scj

Why want to be something, when you can become someone?

For more than a decade we have been witnessing progressive globalization of crises in the world, the current pandemic of COVID-19 is the most powerful manifestation.  The author proposes ways of renewing humanity in each of us and in a global way, starting from a re-reading of the consequences of the current crisis caused by Covid-19.

Gilberto Heleno, scj

Faith to React, Reinvent Yourself and Start Over!

Fr. Gilberto Heleno scj recently published a book on faith: "The present book," he writes, "intends to encourage the reader in the search for faith and to apply it in the concreteness of his daily life."

Elsa Antoniazzi

Public value of votes

In this time of pandemic, it is not a question of understanding religious life to be in crisis, but of finding a sensibility that permeates everyday life when one's regular life is forced to close in on itself. What is the role of religious life in our cities?

Colleen Jurkiewicz

It’s all about love

Returning love for love — that’s the devotion to the Sacred Heart, returning love to Jesus by loving others, especially those most needing love.”

Fr. Luca Garbinetto

Intercessory prayer in Moses

Our whole life can be illuminated by Moses’ journey of prayer, who learned to pray and exercised it. It applies to us as well, in a progressive passage of maturation.

Rarden Pedrosa, scj

Morte. Morte?

Death. Death? the same word in opposite intonations. Philosophy as the "mother of wisdom" is faced with a problem involving man, world, time, etc.  Fr. Rarden Pedrosa publishes a philosophical reflection on the Heideggerian perspective

Francesco Sisci

Clashes? No, Peace in the Middle East

A critical reading of the current tension between Israel and Palestine, in the context of Middle East politics

P. Antonio Teixeira scj

J.G. Hernández: the Venezuelan ideal in an ideal Venezuelan

On April 30, 2021, Venezuelan physician G. Hernández was beatified. His life was and still remains important for Venezuelans of yesterday and today. But not only that.


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Heart to Heart #4 | Bonnie J. Shafrin

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#scjnews | 4: Visit of the General Superior to Cameroon

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