“In this meeting we focused over the next General Chapter”

On September 12-15 there was the General Financial Commission in Milwaukee (USA Province)continue
20 September 2023

“I Have Decided to Follow Jesus”

Dehonians in Europe are experiencing a big crisis of new vocations. A young Polish has asked to enter the novitiate.

15 September 2023

In communion with Christ on the new roads.

Dehonians in Venezuela celebrated the 4th regional chapter.

11 September 2023

Formation for perpetual vows in the province of Cameroon

With the participation of 8 scholastics, a formation for perpetual vows was held at the Ndoungué Novitiate from July 10 to August 04, 2023, under the theme: "Religieux Dehoniens et le Vécu des Vœux dans les contextes du Temps Présent".

Dehonian Worldwide
08 September 2023

Dehonian family celebrating

The region of Venezuela celebrated the 70th anniversary of the arrival of the Dehonians in Venezuela on August 19. Approximately 650 people participated in the meeting.

05 September 2023

Arrival of Priests of the Sacred Heart in Norway

On September 3, the new Dehonian mission in Norway officially began. Fr. Dehon had been there in 1863. Here is the letter from Msgr. Erik Varden, bishop of Trondheim

Dehonian Worldwide
25 August 2023

Meeting of treasurers in Asia

The meeting was held in the Philippines from July 31 to August 4.

Dehonian Worldwide
23 August 2023

“Welcoming the Spirit… preparing for our future”

US Province holded 17th Provincial Chapter, July 18-21.

21 August 2023

A month of formation in Madagascar

An intensive experience that - as the young brothers say - "will last for a lifetime."

04 August 2023

Dehonian youth from Porto to Lisbon

Dehonian youth in Porto, Fatima and Lisbon, for WYD with Pope Francis.

01 August 2023

Deh Talk

Dehonian Youth Meeting - Fifth Day Part 02

01 August 2023

Superior General with the religious

Dehonian Youth Meeting - Five Day Part 01: Superior General with the religious

Aimone Gelardi scj (ed.)

Life and apostolate of Dehon’s first dehonians (12)

Fr. Blancal (1826-1905) was a very controversial figure. A brilliant and ambitious personality, he was in constant conflict with Fr. Dehon. Fr. Dehon accepted him as he was. Blancal died in the arms of Fr. Dehon.


Africa: diverging readings

A new collaboration began between SettimanaNews and the African magazine J’écris, je crie – in whose editorial staff there are also Dehonian confreres, who inspired its birth. A cultural and information synergy suggested with conviction by the superior general of the Congregation Fr. Carlos Suarez.

“A once in a lifetime opportunity”

In August Fr. Henry Nguyen, SCJ, province vocation director, accompanied Dehonian youth from the US Province to World Youth Day in Portugal.

Aimone Gelardi scj (ed.)

Life and apostolate of Dehon’s first dehonians (11)

Fr. Barnabas (Claudius) Charcosset (1848-1912) was a very spiritual priest but at the same time very engaged in social and pastoral life. He became general counselor and assistant general.

Ricardo Freire, scj

Interview with the Superior General

"The Heart of Jesus, as our Founder told us so well, continues to be our great treasure."

Aimone Gelardi scj (ed.)

Life and apostolate of Dehon’s first dehonians (10)

Fr. Sacerdos (Alexander) de Pascal was Fr. Dehon's friend, but he left the congregation after "Consummatus est" (April 22, 1884).
Fr. Claudius (Albert) Lobbé was pastor and general councilor. He was one of the most tenacious opponents of Fr. Dehon during the 1893 and 1896 general chapters.

Aimone Gelardi scj (ed.)

Life and apostolate of Dehon’s first dehonians (9)

P. Martino-Maria (Agostino) Waguet, Padre Agostino (Leo) Herr (1855-1904). Padre Paolo della Croce (Arturo) Delgoffe (1861-1944), Padre Pietro della Natività (Emilio) Bertrand (1863-1946), Padre Benedetto (Giuliano) Lequeux (1861-1908)

Aimone Gelardi scj (ed.)

Life and apostolate of Dehon’s first dehonians (8)

Fr. Paul Marie (Alfredo) Philippot, Fr. Giacomo Maria (Ernesto) Herr (1856-1929), Fr. Bartolomeo Maria (Edmondo) Dessons (1852-1923)

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