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Today, the Congregation the Priests of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (Dehonians) has about 50 educational centers spread throughout the world. They are not only large schools, but also small parish centers where our confreres offer needy communities access to education.

In order to get to know the reality of each SCJ institution more deeply, and to promote contacts and exchange, the General Government created the EDUCARE commission to bring together representatives of these SCJ institutions in order to share Dehonian spirituality, to come up with interesting and creative ideas about activities for students, and to get to know the “modus vivendi” of each country and region where  Dehonians are active. Above all, the goal is to implement a Dehonian style of education.

The Logo 

The “Educare” logo has an ecological meaning, in the way of SDG and the Caring Ethics. In this way we can understand the word “eduCARE”, emphasizing all the actions we do in our schools in order to take care of others, of the environment, and ourselves.

Colors are in a pattern of green, blue and purple – all bearing the same meaning: caring, sustainability, commitment. The transition of colors means growing softly, accompanied, step by step.

The Dehonian cross stands for our Congregation, the heritage of Father Dehon as a Congregation of oblation and reparation, even in a social way. We understand Education as a very efficient way of social reparation.

The plant stands for our students, who sprout from the the wound of Heart of Christ in the Cross. From this open heart the new human being with a new heart is born. The three leaves evoke the Trinity.

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