Esic brasil becomes digital and launches on-line graduation courses

ESIC Curitiba is standing out by overcoming different challenges. A great novelty for 2023 is the offer of distance learning graduation courses

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The last few years have been challenging for Education in Brazil. The Covid-19 pandemic has increased these difficulties. At ESIC Curitiba, we achieved relevant results in education process. Proof of this is that when the state of emergency and social isolation was decreed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we interrupted classes for just one week, and then classes were broadcast on-line in real time. This served as a great opportunity and stimulus for development of new skills, for both teachers and students.

In 2023, ESIC Curitiba launches graduation courses in digital format with the innovative Transformative Learning methodology and Internationally recognized Certificate for Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of International Business, Superior of Technology in Commercial Management and Superior of Technology in Digital Business. All courses have remote classes in the Infinite Campus format, using the Harvard Peer Instruction methodology with monthly presential assessments, carried out at the institution.

Full Education

All graduation courses, both presential and digital, are recognized by the Ministry of Education and Culture (MEC) with the ESIC International Certification, aiming the improvement of the curriculum of professionals to assume management positions or to encourage entrepreneurship. For the inclusion of new courses, R$1 million was invested using the renowned Canvas platform, the same used by institutions such as MIT, Stanford and Harvard.

Currently the presential courses offered by ESIC Curitiba are the Bachelor in Administration, Bachelor in International Business and Technology in Commercial Management.

In 2016 ESIC Curitiba also started the activities of the International college for high school, with the 1st and 2nd year. In 2017, it also implemented the 3rd year. In 2018, it started elementary school for students from 6th to 9th year and, in 2022, the entire elementary level, with classes from 1st to 5th year.

The implementation of the complete elementary school meets the needs of the community and surroundings, with the differential of the international education of ESIC Europe. We believe that preparation for professional life should be done from an early age, with tools that facilitate both entry and permanence in the job market. In 2023, ESIC College has 527 students. After school, the school offers extracurricular activities, such as volleyball, soccer, dance, theater, English and “Super Brain”, an activity that develops skills and logical reasoning to improve thinking and mental capacity.

The students are inserted in the OPEE Project, Project of Life and Entrepreneurial Attitude, highlighted in the challenge of coexistence, self-knowledge and emotional intelligence, financial education, professional choice, study methods, labour market and values.

Awarded Students

Two 3rd year ESIC’s high school students were medalists at the Brazilian Astronomy Olympiad (BAO), held in May 2022. Nicole Oliveira Hemp won the gold medal and Guilherme Paulichen won the bronze medal in the competition. With this achievement, they qualified for the international selections, which will define the members of the Brazilian team for the XVI International Olympiad of Astronomy and XV Latin American Olympiad of Astronomy and Astronautics. We offer content that covers the basic subjects required in the program, but related to subjects of interest to the students, to promote participatory and enriching learning.

At graduation, in November 2022, students from the three courses took part in the ADVB (Association of Sales and Marketing Managers of Brazil, Paraná Section) Hackatop, developing during 48 hours of competition, solutions for real problems of several companies, competing with students from the most renowned Faculties and Universities of Curitiba. Two teams of ESIC students stood out among the top three. A team with students from the Commercial Management and Bachelor of Business Administration courses and another made up entirely of Bachelor of International Business students, which won First Place in the competition by developing a solution for one of the largest supermarket chains in the states of Paraná and Santa Catarina.

Career Counseling

Counseling seeks to direct professionals toward their next professional steps and to plan their career according to their personal goals. Available for professionals of all ages and career stages, from students who are about to take their first steps, to professionals who have already formed their professional path, but are looking to redirect or improve their professional career.

Business Fair

Every year, ESIC Curitiba promotes the Business, Job and Internship Fair. Companies from various sectors present and commercialize products and services at the event. HR companies participate to create a database with the curriculum of candidates for job opportunities, a productive environment for those looking for their first job or replacement. It is an opportunity for networking and business between companies, entrepreneurs, and the community.


In 2022, ESIC held the ceremony for the 15th edition of the ASTER Award, aimed at guests and graduates of the institution. The event awarded the winners in five categories: Professional Career, Business Career, Entrepreneurship, Social Responsibility and Communication. In Curitiba ESIC promotes the event since 2006.

High Level Partnership

Last year, four post-graduate courses at the Conquer business school became ESIC International certified. CONQUER + ESIC International students will have access to the International Modules, and to the international differentials exclusive for ESIC students. The co-founder of Conquer, Hendel Favarin, says that “ESIC enabled the delivery of a high-level postgraduate course with a certificate recognized by the Ministry of Education and Culture (MEC). The Institution stands out with great reputation, delivery of high quality educational products, international certification and recognition as one of the best business schools in the world”.

Philanthropic Actions

ESIC Curitiba is a philanthropic institution and facilitates the access of Brazilians to quality education with international differentials, communication and networking with the campuses in Europe, China and the United States. ESIC Curitiba participates in the University for All Program (Prouni), a Ministry of Education program that grants scholarships in private institutions to Brazilian students. We are committed to contribute to the development, improvement and networking of students with high quality education, for global professionals, who can assume management positions in companies, or have a solid basis for entrepreneurship. We proudly carry the weight of the ESIC name, anticipating trends, with commitment, excellence and innovations that ESIC International offers to students and professionals from all over the world

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