We are Centenarians
in the Art of Education

St. Louis: College and Faculty
Brusque - Santa Catarina - Brazil

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São Luiz is the sum of the pioneering spirit of people and their concern for the education of their future generations. Our history in Brusque begins in 1903 with elementary education. Our origin links back to the immigrant families who arrived in Brusque at the end of the 19th century, in search of a new meaning to their lives. In 2004, with many years of experience in education (including higher education since 1933), we were accredited and authorized by MEC (Ministry of Education and Culture), also starting to work in higher education under the name of São Luiz.

After more than 119 years of history, we reaffirm our commitment to go far beyond the pages of books and classrooms, acting in the integral formation of the human being with an open heart and solidarity serving society.

Our Principles and Values

At São Luiz, the student receives a diversified and integral education, where scientific knowledge and human values are widely emphasized.

  • Availability (Ecce Venio)
  • Solidarity (Sint Unum)
  • Cordiality (Adveniat Regnum Tuum)
  • Sustainability
  • Excellence

Our Pedagogical Proposal

In our pedagogical proposal, we contemplate the human being in all its dimensions, including the spiritual. We promote the construction of citizenship according to Dehonian values, producing and socializing scientific, technological, and philosophical knowledge. We educate our students to respect differences and dialogue toward a fraternal and peaceful coexistence.

Safety, Comfort And Infrastructure

At Colégio São Luiz, to promote a liberating education, we believe in the necessity of an infrastructure that enhances learning, academic and social development, and freedom for everyone. Thus, our physical infrastructure was planned to ensure the safety and comfort of parents and students, with space for boarding and disembarking, access turnstiles with a biometric reader, camera monitoring, air-conditioned classrooms with multimedia resources, administrative rooms, auditoriums, cafeterias, computer labs, physics and biology labs, two sports courts, and a soccer field. We also have a library dedicated to primary education and another to higher education with a collection of more than 30,000 books and subscriptions to more than 60 periodicals, thus contributing to the critical formation and encouragement of reading. In addition to the physical structure, we also offer a virtual place with the necessary information to the students and access to study content.

Extracurricular Activities and Sports

To encourage students to practice sports and cultural activities in a delightful way, promoting socialization and adopting healthy habits, we offer several extracurricular activities, such as Robotics, Futsal, Dance, Handball, Volleyball, Basketball, and Judo. All sports activities promote good synergy, compliance to rules, humbleness in victory, gratitude in defeat, and perseverance present in the sports context, which is essential to the formation of character.

Social Development – Project: Open and Solidary Heart

The Open and Solidary Heart Project, recognized by UNESCO, aims to contribute to the integral formation of the human being. It is a proposal that permeates all pedagogical activities and covers everyone: educators, students, parents, friends, and society. Through actions and attitudes, children and teenagers become aware of their role and social responsibility as citizens. Aligned with the standard curricular program, the Project enable students to comprehend that the subjects taught in classroom can and should be used in their daily lives. The students explore and experience human values such as love, availability, unity, fraternity, humility, discipline, cordiality, solidarity, dialogue, honesty, responsibility, and respect.

Our Commitment to the Future

Early Childhood Education

Early childhood education combines education and cares for learning experiences guided by the teachers. These experiences notice children’s curiosity, instigate them to research, and investigate through projects and themes in question.

That is the first stage of education, stimulating the child to develop the physical, emotional, affective, cognitive, and social aspects. Its organization provides learning experiences that contribute to developing concepts, values, and attitudes that enable the exchange of school knowledge experience, awakening critical awareness and a sense of collectivity.

Elementary School

The pedagogical approach in Elementary School believes in the importance of contextualizing the school contents, developing projects, research, and investigation. It prioritizes the integration between the different areas of education in school. The students learn to socialize and analyze their findings.

From 1st to 4th grade, it involves the discussuion of school-related issues, the development of projects, research and investigation, prioritizing the integration between those areas and relating the various knowledge that make up the school knowledge. From 5th to 8th grade, all the areas of study are taught by teachers who have specific qualifications, according to the legislation.

High School

It is the final stage of Basic Education, where there is a commitment to educating the student to participate productively in society, with autonomy and ethics. The third year of High School supports the students so that they can embark in the selection process with confidence and mastery. With that in mind, the curriculum proposes a new workload, with activities that seek in-depth knowledge, such as tests for college admission exams, ENEM (High School National Exam), and online classes o current affairs, and so on. It also offers opportunities such as visiting colleges, mornings of trainings, a professional choice project, and an intensive plan.

Undergraduate – Higher Education

The Higher Education offered by São Luiz has the mission to contribute, under the inspiration of Christian values and through teaching, research, and extension activities, to the improvement of the quality of life and regional development. The institution bases all of its activities on an integral, Christian vision of the human being, considered in its corporal, psychic, and spiritual dimensions, in its relations with itself and the world.

Philosophy Course

Philosophy, with its emphasis on critical reflection on reality, prepares philosophers to act in the formation of a society guided by human and Christian values.

  • Tradition and reference (since 1933)
  • Accredited by the Department of Education since 2004
  • Department of Education: graded 4 out of 5

Administration Course

In Administration, we seek to prepare professionals who will be able to follow and anticipate changes, achieving results. Through multidisciplinary, we aim to develop conceptual and human skills that, combined with technical competencies in business, and associated with the concept of environmental and social corporate sustainability, provide a mindset of inclusion.

• Accredited by the Department of Education since 2009

• Department of Education: graded 4 out of 5


We have developed post-graduate programs in partnership with the Business Marketing School – ESIC, occupying a prominent place in the rankings of the best MBA’s (Master of Business Administration) in Brazil, (Vocé SA) and being among the best business academies in Latin America (América Economia). It provides study weeks and exchange programs in Europe and Asia.


Through Extension, we develop programs in the form of in-company courses, specialized programs, lectures and symposiums that provide opportunities for social, political, economic, and cultural development, locally and nationally.

São Luiz Communicate – Bilingual Program By Richmond

Learning a second language contributes to the development of cognitive and social skills, bringing multiple benefits to the student. São Luiz Communicate is not about learning English, but learning in English, which makes the students incorporate the second language in an organic and fluent way, starting to understand and appreciate the diversity of the world and the cultural complexity around them, thus adapting to the many ways of interacting and communicating without barriers.

  • The only institution in the region with a Bilingual Program;
  • The students have memorable experiences and effective fluency;
  • International certifications;
  • Broadening knowledge and career possibilities for your child;
  • Concrete and visible results.

São Luiz Communicate is available for Kindergarten and Elementary Education 1.

São Luiz Plus Time – Extended Period

A whole day of Education and Learning. São Luiz Plus Time promotes multiple learning opportunities, being guided by the pedagogical program. Your child will be in contact with many activities, including culture, art, sports, science, and technologies, in theory and practice.

  • It increases the student’s performance;
  • It provides peace of mind for parents;
  • It enables and encourages the practice of sports;
  • Time is invested appropriately;
  • It helps to create identity and autonomy.

São Luiz Plus Time is available for Kindergarten and Elementary Education 1.

5 Reasons For A Family To Choose São Luiz:

1 – Welcoming and safety: all members of São Luiz, who are trained, qualified, and always valuing education and safety, welcome your child. We control all access in and out of the institution by biometric recognition.

2 – Integral formation of the human being: in our pedagogical approach, we aim to contemplate the human being in all its aspects, including the spiritual, trying to educate students to respect differences and to engage in dialogue, in favor of a fraternal and peaceful coexistence.

3 – Confessional: São Luiz is maintained by the South-Brazil Dehonian Association, linked to the Congregation of the Priests of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, which is present in four continents, 39 countries, and with 34 educational centers inspired by its founder, Father Dehon.

4 – Tradition: we have more than 119 years of history and experience, allowing us to build a strong foundation for continuous progress.

5 – Future: we think about the future, so we develop the human being beyond the school yards, achieving results such as in ENEM (High School National Exam) 2018 – among the 5 best performing schools in the state (Source: Folha S. Paulo, 2019).

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