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03 May 2021P. Lorenzo Prezzi scj  

France: secularity between freedom and suspicion

If passed, the law bearing the title For the Respect of the Principles of the French Republic will transform the climate of mutual trust into a regime of distrust, limitation and control.

26 April 2021Luca Garbinetto  

The Prayer of Question

In the midst of a pandemic, more or less all of us, sooner or later, have asked ourselves "how come?", and as believers we have addressed to God for an invocation or a supplication: "but why Lord? Do I lack faith if I try to understand?". Or we have been disappointed, when God - at least it seems - did not answer, "but then, does He really exist?"

19 April 2021Riccardo Cristiano  

The European Union and Syria

For the first time, the crimes perpetrated by the Syrian regime and recounted by survivors have found legal acceptance in the International Criminal Court of the European Union.

11 April 2021Franco Valenti  

Hans Küng’s death

Hans Küng's death at the age of 93 years old has stirred up more than 50 years of theological dialectics

18 March 2021André Lorenz  

“…as if it was written by a Dehonian!”

Interview with the Superior General on "Fratelli Tutti"

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