Fr. Bernardo Aquilino Longo missionary and martyr: a supplementary inquiry

The General Dehonian Postulation launches a supplementary inquiry into the martyrdom of Fr. Bernando Longo.continue
23 January 2023

Mozambique province in retreat and assembly

It is a well-established tradition for the Mozambican province to meet in assembly in the month of January.

19 January 2023

Celebration of the archbishop’s golden jubilee of priesthood

Bishop Aloysius Sudarso SCJ celebrated his priestly jubilee.

17 January 2023

Visit of the Superior General with the Dehonians of Congo

The visit of the Superior General was an act of gratitude, closeness and encouragement.

13 January 2023

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09 January 2023

“Thanks be to God for the graces He has given”

Dehonians in Vietnam celebrated four new priests and two deacons.

Giuseppe Savagnone

Brother Biagio: the revolution of the saints

Brother Biagio Conte died on January 12, 2023 at the age of 59. He was an Italian lay missionary. He was a hermit and founded the "Mission of Hope and Charity" in Palermo to try to respond to the dramatic situations of poverty and marginalization of the people of his hometown; he dedicated his life to it and to evangelization.

Comissão Provincial para a Justiça e Paz e Integridade da Criação (PT)

With Pope Francis we want to reaffirm that “no one is saved alone”!

The Provincial Commission for Justice and Peace and the Integrity of Creation proposes this brief reflection to the Confreres and to the entire Dehonian Family on the message of His Holiness Pope Francis for the 56th World Day of Peace, scheduled, as always, for January 1, 2023.

YEZU TU – Only Jesus

Letter for Christmas 2022

Stefan Tertünte, scj

150 years anniversary of the foundation of the Saint-Joseph Patronage in Saint-Quentin

A historical report on the Patronage of Saint Joseph.

Aimone Gelardi scj (ed.)

Life and apostolate of Dehon’s first dehonians (4/4)

Fr. Falleur is known today through the "Cahiers Falleur," the notebooks he wrote as novice writing down Fr. Dehon's instructions. He was a close collaborator of Fr. Dehon. He became general treasurer and thanks to this office he collected Fr. Dehon's correspondence that we still preserve today.

“Dare to dream big!”

Advent is the time of Hope, we await the fulfillment of the Promise, we wait for the Redeemer, the one who saves! Hope is a virtue and an attitude that drives us to go always forward.

Antonio Dall'0sto scj

Against Christians

The new Annual Report on the Persecution of Christians published by the Vienna-based Observatory on Intolerance and Discriminations Against Christians in Europe (OIDAC) was released on November 14

Eduardo Nunes Pugliesi, scj

The Lord’s Advent: Waiting for the One who is never absent!

November 27, 2022 marked the beginning of a new time for spirituality and liturgy for Roman Rite Catholics. This is Advent. But, after all, what is this time? What is it about? How has it emerged throughout the history of the Church?

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