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28 April 2021Guillaume Djiokeu Tindo, scj  

Cameroon: Visit of the Superior General and the Provincial Assembly

From March 9th to April 14th, the Superior General was in Cameroon.

13 April 2021

IX General Conference

On the road to the General Conference

16 March 2021

Dehonian Identity and Social Commitment

SCJ Philippine Region convoked via Zoom Online for assembly.

24 February 2021Floribert Bulo, scj  

Reflecting on the Future With Hope

The Dehonians of the Congo Province held their provincial assembly from February 17 to 20.

06 February 2021Ángel Volcán, scj  

Annual Assembly of Dehonians of Venezuela

The Dehonians of Venezuela met in an assembly in the middle of January.

13 December 2020

A Star for you

Merry Christmas wishes from Bethlehem - Live streaming

03 December 2020Mary Gorsky  

Virtual Assembly

Approximately 40 people took part in the virtual assembly.

30 November 2020

Casa Generalizia (Video)

Mémoire Dehonienne 2020

30 November 2020

Priests of the Sacred Heart – Novitiate (Video)

Dehonian Memorial 2020

30 November 2020

Convento Sagrado Coração de Jesus (Video)

Dehonian Memorial 2020

30 November 2020

Dehon House – Scholasticate (Video)

Dehonian Memorial 2020

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