Saint John Eudes, presbyterAugust 19, Memorial

With open heart » 19 August 2024

August 19, Memorial

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Jean Eudes (Ri, France, 1601 – Caen 19 August 1680) was a promoter of devotion and liturgical worship of the Heart of Jesus and Mary. He founded the Congregation of “Jesus and Mary” (Eudes) for the formation of clergy and seminaries and for missions to the people. He promoted the work of Our Lady of Charity of Refuge, from which the “Good Shepherd” derives, for the recovery of lost women. Father Dehon emphasised how St John Eudes showed what is in the Sacred Heart: “The sanctuary and centre of divine perfections, the state and model of virtue, our treasure of graces, a refuge for sinners, a special model of humility in which His love surpasses all. He is a furnace of love for God, for his divine Mother, for the threefold Church, for each of us. He shows us his love especially in the mysteries of the Incarnation, the Passion and the Eucharist” (ESC 2,56).



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