Priests of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

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We, the Priests of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, often introduce ourselves as “Dehonians” in affectionate reference to our Founder, the Venerable, Fr. Leo Dehon. We are committed to living out and sharing Fr. Dehon’s charism, spirituality, and works in the church and in the world.

Our Congregation appeared in 1878 and spread quickly because its life reflected a continuous response to the social and spiritual expectations that people held.

We dedicate our life and our energy to the Lord to proclaim the Gospel of Love and to serve our brothers and sisters particularly in those situations and areas that are the most troubled and needy.

Our religious experience is at one and the same time a mission and an offering, perhaps an invitation, to anyone who is moved by the Holy Spirit and senses a call to give themselves totally to affirm the Reign of Love that exists among peoples and nations and to bring about the Reign of the Heart of Christ.

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