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Country: Germany

26 May 2021Olav Hamelijnck scj  

Social Works, Projects and Social Commitment in the German Province

How is the social commitment made concrete in the Congregation? The virtual tour of the entities begins in Germany. The social commitment in the different religious communities.

18 March 2021André Lorenz  

“…as if it was written by a Dehonian!”

Interview with the Superior General on "Fratelli Tutti"

12 October 2020Brigitte Deiters  

“We cannot proclaim life and at the same time endanger life”

Interview with Bishop Heiner Wilmer

14 September 2020Brigitte Deiters  

Faith at the table

In this time of pandemic, an original Dehonian experience from Neustadt in Germany

01 May 2019Levi dos Anjos, scj  

Canonical visit to Germany

08 April 2019Léopold Mfouakouet, scj  

The meeting of the non-European SCJs in Europe

01 September 2018Mary Gorski  

The consecration of Fr. Wilmer


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