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Country: Poland

08 November 2020

Fr. Kazimierz Marekwia

* 1925.11.02
† 2020.11.08

31 October 2020Zdzislaw K. Huber, scj   

Young Poles for the mission

The Dehonians in Poland involved young people on a very special project.

15 October 2020

Fr. Franciszek Leżański

* October 28, 1940
† October 15, 2020

20 May 2020Łukasz Ogórek, scj / Łukasz Grzejda, scj  

Do you love me?

11 October 2018Franciszek Wielgut, scj  

Trust in the Heart of Jesus

13 February 2018Adam Pastorczyk, scj  

Poland: Return to the first love


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