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19 April 2022

A return to South Africa

“In 2023, the Province of South Africa will be celebrating 100 years of the Dehonian presence in southern Africa, as is the US Province. We are still sister provinces.”

23 March 2022

SCJ ministry funds state missing person’s position

Native Hope – an outreach program of the SCJs’ St. Joseph’s Indian School – announced February 16 that it will fund the missing person specialist position created in the South Dakota state Attorney General’s Office.

29 November 2021

The humanity of the homeless captured in paintings

“I do what I can because I could not call myself a follower of Christ and turn my face away from so many suffering people.”

13 September 2021Mary Gorski  

Vicar general encourages students to have a missionary spirit

The formation community at Sacred Heart Monastery welcomed Fr. Stephen Huffstetter, SCJ, to speak about what it means to be a missionary, to have a missionary spirit.

28 July 2021Mary Gorski  

A Gift from a Priest

Judge Frank Caprio receives an unexpected gift from a dehonian priest.

10 June 2021Colleen Jurkiewicz  

It’s all about love

Returning love for love — that’s the devotion to the Sacred Heart, returning love to Jesus by loving others, especially those most needing love.”

19 April 2021Mary Gorski  

Heart to Heart conversations

What does it mean to have a “heart to heart” conversation? For many, it refers to a sense of truth and openness in dialogue with another; a raw honesty often based in one’s faith or spirituality.


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