09 May 2018
09 May 2018

40 years of TeleDehon (video)

by  Maria Ceraolo
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“Friends of TeleDehon…” was heard for the first time on May 3, 1978. It soon became the daily greeting of the new broadcast organization to its viewers.

The Dehonian Fr. Civerra, always ready for new challenges and attentive and faithful to the original mission of Christ “go and preach my gospel” wanted to find new ways of reaching the greatest number of people to make known the teaching of Jesus, giving, at the same time, a voice to those who find it more difficult to be heard.

TeleDehon 40_EN

TeleDehon comes from this desire of Fr. Civerra and is to be recognized for its way of spreading the Gospel, following, with modern methods, what the founder, Fr. Dehon, always tried to do in his time: get out of the sacristy and go to the people.

Established at a time in which private radio and television stations began to rise on the national scene, TeleDehon immediately distinguished itself in the area of Apulia (Puglia), but did not stop there. Passing through the various stages of television reorganization with the laws of the 1990s, and then with the more recent advent of digital technology, TeleDehon is now present not only in Puglia, but also in Calabria, Basilicata and Campania.

Thanks to the investments of the Dehonians and benefactors, and the skills of those who have worked with and for TeleDehon in recent years, the organization is a well-established and appreciated reality in the panorama of religious broadcasters. With its broadcasts, ranging from religious and secular themes, to everyday social issues, to its editorials and to the airing of significant liturgical celebrations, every day thousands of people from southern Italy follow TeleDehon’s programming, appreciating the contents and the cultural awareness of the various productions.

We wish TeleDehon and all those who make it an important point of reference for Southern Italy, that its presence will be strengthened and that it can be expanded ever more!

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