02 December 2019
02 Dec 2019

Br. Yohanes Rasul Suprapto

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Congregatio Sacerdotum a Sacro Corde Jesu


Si quis mihi ministrat, me sequatur, et ubi sum ego, illic et minister meus erit;

si quis mihi ministraverit, honorificabit eum Pater (Io 12,26)


On 3 December 2019, in Palembang, Indonesia, the Lord called our dear confrere Br. Yohanes Rasul Suprapto of the Indonesian Province (INA),

born: 15.03.1952

first profession: 20.07.1981


We give thanks for all the good that had been done through his life and we pray that the Lord welcomes him in eternal life.


Rome, December 3, 2019


The Superior General



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