11 August 2018
11 Aug 2018

Death that gives birth

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In full consciousness, after settling the important things and having prayed together with the confreres, at approximately noon Fr. Leo John Dehon died in Brussels on August 12, 1925. For many Dehonians throughout the world, the day of their Founder’s birth in heaven has become a day dedicated to him, rich in prayers, not only for his beatification, but also for the blessing of those who, even today, follow in his footsteps in choosing to live according to his charism.

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Today we remember the 93rd anniversary of the death of Fr. Leo John Dehon, for whom the experience of God’s love for the whole of creation was a strong starting point. Not because of being scandalized by sin, but because we choose to be witnesses of His love we seek to remedy, to repair the wounded world that is constantly suffering.

The Dehonian charism spread throughout the world makes present the figure of the Founder, dedicated to the work of the Institute, which points to the weakest and suffering of today to guarantee them education and social help because, thanks to the spirituality of the Sacred Heart, they can taste the Kingdom of God. Let us pray today to Fr. Dehon because it helps us to see and react with an open heart and mind.

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