11 March 2017
11 Mar 2017

Formation in Europe

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The third and final day of the European Major Superiors Meeting in Foligino focused on formation. Fr. Zeferino Policarpo, the person at the general level in charge of formation, presented the status of formation on the various continents in regards to juridical issues, vocation concerns and ongoing formation.

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He recalled the meetings of those responsible for formation and indicated the important issues to be addressed that have already been included in various documents, such as the Ratio Formationis Generalis, the General Chapter and the Programmatic Letter.

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To address the challenge of internationality one must realize that we cannot think of just of autonomy, we must live in humility and break free from self-absorption.

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Five actions emerged as a result of the discussion among superiors. The purpose of these proposals is not to close the existing formation houses but to prompt international collaboration with a view to develop a general formation policy that is more effective and efficient.

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1. Do we agree to pursue a common path for the initial formation of Dehonians in Europe?

2. We propose a common reflection on the novitiates and scholasticates in Europe according to language (Slavic languages, Latin and Anglo-Saxon) and real needs.

3. We propose better collaboration between existing formation centers.

4. We propose that part of the training of our students take place in another entity, preferably in a social ministry.

5. We propose to draw up a list of confreres willing to be part of an international team of formators.

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At the end of the session Fr. Artur Sanecki, general councilor, presented the activities of the General Government: the canonical visitation of Europe (September 2017 to March 2018), and the Continental Conference of Europe to be hosted by the European Theological Commission.

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In the afternoon the group visited Assisi and celebrated Mass in the Basilica of St. Mary of the Angels.

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The meeting ended on Friday morning with the closing Mass. The next meeting will be April 17-18, 2018 in Madrid.

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