10 January 2024
10 Jan 2024

Hymn of the XXV General Chapter 2024

Sint unum
Called to be one in a transforming world
“That they may believe” (Jn 17:21)

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The hymn was composed by Geovan Luis Alberto, a novice from the Province of South Brazil, with the collaboration of the scholastic community of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Monastery in Brusque, Brazil. (Lyrics and song: Geovan Luiz Alberton)

Sint unum in amore.
Sint unum in reparatione.
Ut mundus credat
Sint unum.

1. Called to be one,
In a world in transformation
Let us walk the same path,
United in one Heart.

2. Called to be one,
From missions to education.
Forming minds and hearts
And living in reparation.

3. Called to be one,
In the steps of Father Dehon.
Loving what he loved
Making our life an oblation.

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