Dear confreres,

The IX General Conference, Dehonians in Social Commitments, has begun!

While the physical gathering will not start until the evening of February 13, 2022, the process of reflection and participation is already under way. Because of the ongoing uncertainties of international travel, the General Administration has invited only the Superiors of Provinces, Regions and Districts dependent on the Superior general to come to Rome. But this letter explains ways that every Dehonian may add their voice, prayer, and apostolic work to make the Conference successful. The Instrumentum laboris defines the main objectives of the General Conference and poses a series of questions to initiate reflection and dialogue throughout the Congregation.

How can I participate?

1)    First, PRAY the prayer for the Conference, individually and as a community.

2)    READ the Instrumentum laboris. It is concise enough to comfortably read in one sitting, while also having short texts that can be fruitfully prayed and contemplated throughout these next months of preparation. In the bibliography helpful links to related Church and Dehonian documents for further study are also provided.

3)    SHARE some of your insights with other members of your community. This would be good material for one of your community meetings.

4)    WRITE. After you have read, reflected and talked, please contribute to the link that you will find in our Congregational website ( This will build a treasury of ideas the Conference can use for the good of the Congregation. Even one good reflection or idea can help. With 2100 professed members, imagine what hundreds of responses (or would it be too bold to dream of a thousand?) might produce.

5)    MAKE A VIDEO to increase awareness of the inspiring social projects you are already engaged in to be posted on our website. Some will be chosen for discussion and reflection during the actual Conference.

  1. No longer than 6 minutes.
  2. Project profile, location, history, groups served, workers, how it is run.
  3. Identity – reflection on how the project is Dehonian.
  4. Communal mission – ways the project invites/involves broad Dehonian involvement.
  5. Good sound and resolution, interesting and dynamic.
  6. Include a written transcript to allow for translations and subtitles.
  7. Deadline December 8 (it is best to send using a link on Google Drive or by WeTransfer:

6)    From February 13-18, 2022, WATCH AND PARTICIPATE in the Conference. There are plans to include interactive sessions. Afternoon in Europe and Africa is evening in Asia and morning in the Americas. Because we are a global Congregation, no one time is convenient for everyone. The Conference will be live streamed and also videotaped to be viewed at a time convenient for you.

The General Administration would like to thank members of both the new planning committee (Fr. Grzegorz Piątek, Fr. João Paulo Tabarelli, Fr. John Karl Cabaluna, Fr. Michel Simo Temgo, and Fr. Wahyu Tri Haryadi) and the original committee, whose work forms the major part of the Instrumentum laboris (Fr. Carlos da Cunha Sousa Lobo, Fr. Grzegorz Piątek, Fr. João Carlos Paschoalim de Castro, Fr. John Karl Cabaluna, and Fr. Quang Nguyen).

And finally, go to the people and continue your work for the Reign of God!

Fraternally, in Corde Iesu,

Fr. Carlos Luis Suárez Codorniú, scj
Superior General and Council





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