IX General ConferenceOn the road to the General Conference

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13 July 2021

The social commitment of the Dehonians in Ecuador

The SCJs of Ecuador have promoted many social projects. The pandemic has not stopped their work, albeit with many more difficulties.

29 June 2021Rocco Conte  

We and the migrants

Dehonians in the South of Italy have been open to welcoming migrants for several years. Stories of welcome before and during the pandemic

26 May 2021Olav Hamelijnck scj  

Social Works, Projects and Social Commitment in the German Province

How is the social commitment made concrete in the Congregation? The virtual tour of the entities begins in Germany. The social commitment in the different religious communities.

13 April 2021Editorial Staff  

On the road to the IX General Conference

We spoke with Fr. Levi and Fr. Stephen who are the members of the General Council helping to prepare for the next General Conference.

02 November 2020Stephen Huffstetter, scj  

Facing modern social issues

In July 2021 the general conference will be held in the Philippines.

06 February 2017Carlos Enrique Caamaño Martin, scj  

Preparation for the next General Conference begins!

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