24 April 2024
24 Apr 2024

Meeting of the European Dehonian Theological Commission

In Paris, members of the commission discussed the upcoming general chapter, the centenary of the founder's death and social commitment today. Reconfirmed Fr. Stefano Zamboni as coordinator of the commission.

by  Stefano Zamboni scj

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It was the Paris community that hosted the annual presential meeting of the Dehonian European Theological Commission on April 15-16, 2024.

All members were present: Stefano Zamboni (ITS), Stefan Tertünte (GER), Joseph Famerée (EUF), Krzysztof Napora (POL), Pablo Miñambres (ESP), José Domingos Ferreira (POR) and Michel Simo Temgo (GBI).

The agenda was to update on the contributions that some of the members of the Commission are drafting for the next General Chapter especially the project of a study seminar on Father Dehon’s social legacy after one hundred years of his death (1925-2025). In this regard, some initial ideas emerged in the discussion that will be better defined in the coming months. The goal is to propose a reflection that can help us to understand Dehonian social commitment today, in the context of our societies, starting from the Founder’s insights.

During the meeting, Michel Simo Temgo was elected as new secratary of the commission and replaces Amedeo Tocci who, due to unforeseen commitments, saw fit to end his experience as a member of the Commission. The coordinator, Stefano Zamboni, in office since 2018, was confirmed until 2025.

A visit to the Basilica of the Sacred Heart in Montmartre, so dear to Father Dehon and the Congregation, was also not missed. To Joseph Famerée, member of the Commission and EUF provincial superior, as well as to the Dehonian community of Paris, the most heartfelt thanks for a warm, solicitous and fraternal welcome.

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