20 December 2023
20 Dec 2023

Meeting of the Preparatory Commission of the XXV General Chapter

The Preparatory Commission for the XXV General Chapter held their second meeting in Rome.

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From November 29 to December 6, the Preparatory Commission for the XXV General Chapter held their second meeting in Rome. At this meeting, they began the second phase of preparation which consists of working on the responses to the questionnaire which have been already sent to the General Secretary by some entities, discussing the roadmap to the XXV General Chapter, and exploring the ideas onhow the Chapter should practically proceed. Some subjects regarding accommodation, logistics, and communication were also part of the topics discussed at the meeting.

This meeting turned out to be the beginning of a collaborative project to prepare the General Chapter. The Preparatory Commission believes that the Chapter is a special moment for all members of the Congregation. It should not be the exclusive work of the delegates; rather, it is the responsibility of all members at all levels of participation. One way to participate is responding to the questionnaire, and the Preparatory Commission highly appreciates the responses coming from the various entities. But the work is far from over; we need to continue reflecting on the reality of Sint Unum in the Congregation, on our commitment to transformation along with our transforming world, on our Dehonian identity, on our call to mission, among other important issues.

In this regard, the Preparatory Commission is grateful for the availability of the Theological Commission and the Communication Office that offer to collaborate in fostering reflection on the main themes of the General Chapter.

The Theological Commission will publish articles and other materials on these themes to help us enter the spirit of the Chapter.

This work will be an open invitation to all of us to walk together in preparing, participating, and celebrating the XXV General Chapter.



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