13 March 2017
13 Mar 2017

Teach those who do not know and advise those who are in need

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Lettera-14-03-2017 EN

The letter of March 14, in commemoration of the birth of Fr. Dehon, and in line with the program of the General Council, offers to the congregation attention to and reflection on a revival of the spiritual works of mercy: counseling the doubtful, and teaching those who do not know. The letter is well structured pedagogically. Its course is based in the biblical reference to Sirach 37.12-15. Three elements are needed to work with mercy: being mindful of the “right” people, making space for the counsel our hearts, and invocation of the action of the Most High. Dehon tried to make concrete the aspects of or signs from significant people with whom he had contact in his life. He did not disdain the reference to his heart, the central reality, the “right man” or the reference to the Most High. It was his heart that fed his desire to respond to a passionate call, a hunger for an inner life, of peace, of union with Our Lord. Knowing that he was deeply loved, he tried at all times to respond to God, and from this love, bring to reality our projects. It is appropriate to revisit this and what inspired Fr. Dehon.

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