29 February 2016
29 Feb 2016

The paiting of Founder

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The General Curia wishes to communicate with all the major superiors of the congregation to inform you about a special situation that has arisen in regards to an image of Fr. Dehon that has been shared on several websites and other media.

The image is the property of the Marist’s Spanish Province; it has been altered, reproduced and disseminated in several of our congregation’s entities. In the original painting you can see St. Marcellino Champagnat among a group of people. In the “doctored” image, the figure of St. Marcellin has been replaced with that of Fr. Dehon. It was something done without malice for personal and private use only. However, the result was so well appreciated that the work began to be disseminated beyond the scope for which it was created. Of course when the Marist Brothers, especially the provincial superior, became aware of it, we were asked to do something to prevent this plagiarism.

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