05 March 2016
05 Mar 2016

visitation of the RSA Province

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After India and Uruguay Fr. General Heinrich Wilmer SCJ on the 02 March 2016 began visitation of the SCJ community in South Africa. For the first 5 days he is accompanied by the head of the SCJ Formation Commission Fr. Leopold Mfouakouet SCJ.

One of the smallest of the SCJ entities has already for some time tried to find new ways of serving both the local church as well as the Congregation – especially in Africa and Madagascar. It is hoped that the visit will be a kairos time helpful in answering a few crucial questions that the evolving RSA Province has to answer and of which the most important seems to be formation, personnel and the role of the entity in the SCJ’s Africa.

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Fr. General began with meeting the 3 members of the SCJ community in Hilton. On the 03 March he has arrived in the nearby city of Pietermaritzburg at the International SCJ Formation House; there he was welcomed by the sound of drums as well as the singing of the 19 scholastics of the house who in 2016 come from 5 SCJ entities and who belong to 7 nationalities.

This important for the RSA Province visit will last till 15h March 2016.

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