10 September 2021
10 Sep 2021

You, our way

It is with this motto that the Dehonians of Spain begin the new pastoral year characterized by an intense work of formation that reaches the thousands of young people who attend the schools of the Province

by  Zeferino Policarpo

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Our confreres of the Spanish Province (ESP) have the tradition of proposing a theme for each pastoral year. Creativity, originality, quality and beauty are attributes of these projects. The mission of SCJs in Spain takes place particularly in the area of education in its various stages.

At the beginning of each academic year, there is always a theme that unites the pastoral activity carried out in the different schools that are under the responsibility of the ESP Province. For this year 2021-2022 the theme that has been chosen is: YOU, OUR WAY.

YOU, refers to God who makes Himself present in our lives, giving them new horizons. But the YOU also refers to others, because no one can walk alone, relying only on their strength: together with others we can get further.

The thematic path of this pastoral year will be concretized in three attitudes: the SHARING of dreams, initiatives, and steps; the PRAYER that makes possible the encounter with the One who gives strength to walk; the REPAIR and healing of the wounds of others and allowing oneself to be repaired and healed by others.

This entire pastoral journey is illustrated with a logo that, in its simplicity, represents the itinerary of the heart. The Pastoral Office for Vocations has also prepared several pastoral materials and aids (video, posters, prayers) that can be freely used in social networks, parishes, movements, etc and are available at this address: http://www.jovenesdehonianos.org

: http://www.jovenesdehonianos.org


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