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Country: Ecuador

06 October 2021Bruno Roque Dos Santos scj  

Giving oneself to the Lord

In Ecuador, the two new religious professions are a sign of hope for the future of the SCJs.

15 September 2021Levi Dos Anjos Ferreira  

Visit to the Andes

In 2022 the Dehonians in Ecuador will celebrate 25 years of their foundation. Fr. Levi, general councilor, recently made a brief visit to the district.

13 July 2021

The social commitment of the Dehonians in Ecuador

The SCJs of Ecuador have promoted many social projects. The pandemic has not stopped their work, albeit with many more difficulties.

08 February 2021Félix Blanco, scj  

Open to renewal

VIII District Assembly of Ecuador.

29 November 2020

District of Ecuador (Video)

Dehonian Memorial 2020

24 November 2020Alí Ernesto Villarroel Barreto, scj  

Dehonian meetings to cultivate Spirituality and Fraternity

Three lay people recount their experience of contact with the Dehonians and their spirituality.

30 September 2020Félix Blanco, scj  

What social initiatives have we had as Dehonians in this time of pandemic?

Solidarity in times of pandemic.

08 September 2020

“Being close to the poor helps to understand the day-to-day life better”

Last August, Fr. Pedro Jesús Arenas returned to Spain from Ecuador.


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