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Country: Italy

03 September 2020Sergio Rotasperti  

New Wine in New Wineskins

The Dehonians of the Northern Italy Province held an extraordinary provincial chapter

12 August 2020

A new face of the Dehonians on the Internet

The General Council presents us with the new face of the Congregation's website, officially online today.

29 June 2020Andreas Nofianto  

Te Deum di ringraziamento

23 June 2020Clément Mahindo  

“Precious in his eyes”

04 June 2020Levi Ferrei  

Our Dehonian life

23 February 2020Stefan Tertünte, scj  

1AG – First steps… Project 3.1.3

15 November 2019zeferino Policarpo, scj  

Entity Superiors Meeting – report 5

14 November 2019Zeferino Policarpo, scj  

Entity Superiors Meeting – report 4


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