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17 May 2021Marco Mazzotti e Antonio Viola  

The Dehonians of Northern Italy prepare for the XXIII Chapter

The various phases through which the preparation took place. The areas explored in the present situation and the prospects for the future. Expanded participation, the difficulties encountered, the questions that emerged, the proposals and a big obstacle: the pandemic. All of which are reflected in the Instrumentum laboris.

16 May 2021Sergio Rotasperti  

#scjnews l 7

An Interview with Fr. Ciro Moschetta scj, Provincial Superior of the Dehonians of Southern Italy, on the occasion of the official visitation of the Superior General to the Province, from May 3rd to 25th, 2021.

14 May 2021

New director of the magazine Dehoniana

Fr. Stefano Zamboni (ITS) is the new director of the magazine Dehoniana.

11 May 2021Francesco Poli  

Devotion to the Sacred Heart and social commitment in Fr. Erminio Crippa

On the 100th anniversary of his birth, Don Poli, API-Colf's national ecclesiastical assistant, re-reads the spirituality of Fr. Erminio Crippa, scj. The commemoration took place in Rome on April 17 at the Dehonian Generalate.

21 April 2021Don Francesco Poli  

A life spent to give dignity to women

April 18 marked the centenary of the birth of Dehonian Fr. Erminio Crippa. A life spent in social commitment in support of minors and the fight for the rights of working women.

15 April 2021Artur Sanecki, scj  

Dehonian Spiritual Centers on the Net

Fr. Artur, General Councillor, introduced the project of presenting the spiritual centers.

13 April 2021Editorial Staff  

On the road to the IX General Conference

We spoke with Fr. Levi and Fr. Stephen who are the members of the General Council helping to prepare for the next General Conference.


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