04 July 2022
04 Jul 2022

‘Il Nostro Frutto’ 2022: Listen to the Spirit of God, listening to each other!

The community of the Generalate shares some important moments of community and academic life 2021/2022.

by  Bruno Pilati, scj

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We are glad to share with the whole congregation ‘Il Nostro Frutto’ (‘Our Fruit’) of the academic year 2021/2022. It is a collection of the presentation of new arrivals and the greetings of those who are leaving; it records testimonies about gatherings, initiatives and experiences or themes present in the year.

The background music is Pope Francis’ phrase delivered to the Church of Rome at the beginning of the synodal journey: Listen to the Spirit of God, listening to each other!

In our international community we experience each year the challenge of the plurality and variety of voices called to become a choir that sings together and that, in order to serve in harmony, undergoes the discipline of listening. We have experienced that communion, the fruit of the Spirit, is built up in the exercise of mutual listening among brothers, as in a choir  each voice sings listening to the other voices and in relation to the harmony of the whole.

This is our wish for all Dehonian communities, significant places of singing/walking together, as was the case in the General Conference.

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