12 October 2022
12 Oct 2022

In the Time of the Pandemic

Studia Dehoniana published a monograph collecting contributions and reflections by 27 Dehonians on the time of the pandemic and the impact in personal, social and ecclesial life. The anthology collects articles from the five continents where Dehonians are present.

by  Stefan Tertünte, scj

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Studia Dehoniana 67 – “In the time of the Pandemic” – has already been in communities and on www.studiadehonianadocs.org for a few months. This is a special edition of Studia Dehoniana. The editors, through the Continental Dehonian Theological Commissions, asked confreres from all continents to write about their experiences with and in the COVID 19 pandemic. The first good news is that many confreres were willing to offer contributions from very different perspectives. The result is articles, sometimes personal, sometimes systematic, sometimes theological, biblical, sociological, ethical, pastoral, psychological, and other types. The experience and hope that the pandemic can teach us to live the WE with new quality comes through many contributions: generally in relationships, in families, in our communities, in parishes and churches, in the respective societies, and globally. A WE that, according to Pope Francis’ “Fratelli tutti,” should be inclusive and supportive. The pandemic also challenged much of what was familiar in many countries, values, behaviors, etc., and made well known limits and injustices even clearer. At the same time, it unleashed resources that have value beyond the pandemic. “After the pandemic” is an expression that is heard which takes on diverse meanings in different countries around the world, right down to our own communities. The global geopolitical fabric is changing rapidly under the pressure of new conflicts. The challenges and opportunities for a renewed WE remain.

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