02 December 2022
02 Dec 2022

Dehoniana 2022: The topicality of reparation

The new edition of the journal Dehoniana.

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The new edition of the journal Dehoniana, published by the Centro Studi Dehoniani (Dehonian Studies Centre), is out. In this edition special attention is given to the theme of reparation, which is the focus of the central dossier, edited by the Dehonian European Theological Commission, and to which two other articles also refer. Other contributions then touch on the theme of oblation and historical aspects, more or less recent, of the Congregation. For more details on the layout of the edition, you can read the editorial written by the journal’s director, Fr. Stefano Zamboni SCJ (downloadable here). Dehoniana 2022 has been shipped in print to the different entities and the articles are already present and downloadable on the website www.dehonianadocs.org.

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