31 October 2022
31 Oct 2022

Roles and competencies of the treasurer in the post-covid era

A meeting of European Entity treasurers was held Oct. 20-22 in Rome at the International College.

by  Luca Zottoli, scj

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A meeting of all Entity treasurers was planned to be held during the first six years of the term of the present administration in Rome, but Covid has changed everything, and one of the main casualties has been the programming in place with the possibility of planning for the future in the short and medium range.

Fr. General suggested gathering at least the European treasurers, considering the practicality and ease of gathering here in Rome.

On the first day we concentrated on national and European realities, sharing the issues and perspectives that fill our days. The sociocultural context has compelled  everyone, at least a little, into an always less central and significant role in society but no less compelling and important.

The second day focused on the change taking place concerning the help that can be given to congregational entities and those usually dependent upon external help. It is becoming more and more evident that help cannot be only economic and that economic help itself has been shrinking and will continue to shrink for various reasons.

On the third day we dwelt on the dynamics that characterize the life of the treasurer, engaged on several fronts at a different level of responsibility and difficulty. In fact, an increased ability to understand situations and to relate to different subjects is required, which in turn require certain skills in addition to a certain personal charisma.

The way of conducting the meeting was a little different than usual in that it was moderated by a couple of lay people who are familiar with the world of consecrated life and who encouraged an active and dynamic participation of being together.

Each day there was a charismatic intervention to discern in the Dehonian tradition a connection and a light within the journey underway and to be continued in our journey within the Church, the Congregation and Society.

Finally, there were some testimonies, pertaining to the economic sphere, which helped to understand that “it is possible.”

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