27 February 2023
27 Feb 2023

There is no economy without spirituality and solidarity

Continental Meeting of the African entities’ bursars in Cameroon, with the presence of the general bursar.

by  Luca Zottoli, scj

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After the meeting of European bursars from February 6 to 10, bursars of African entities met at the international scholasticate in Ngoya (Cameroon). Gathering at the continental level proves to be more and more useful and practical, as it facilitates fraternity and mutual knowledge. In fact, it allows us to address together our similar issues and challenges.

During the meeting, time was devoted to formation given by Fr. Jean Marie Signe who spoke on “spirituality at the service of economy.” In terms of administration of goods, it is becoming increasingly clear that good economic management requires a good spiritual life, since it is precisely spirituality that enlightens us about the nature and purpose of material goods. In this sense, Nos. 140-146 of our Constitutions are of great help, along with recent documents published by the Holy See. When economy is guided by spirituality it puts itself at the service of solidarity.

After a sharing by each person about the economic situation of their entity, we looked at the solidarity circulating in the Congregation. We appreciated how entities are much closer and in mutual support than one could imagine. We tried to make together an analysis of some guidelines published in recent years concerning the FAG, bank accounts, mass intentions, and limits of competence.

The most heartfelt and shared themes were certainly the internationality of education in the two international scholasticates in Ngoya (Cameroon) and Pietermaritzburg (South Africa), the need to implement local development projects to reduce foreign dependence, and the need for cost reduction in a changing socioeconomic context.

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