10 July 2023
10 Jul 2023

11th ARG Provincial Assembly

The 11th ARG Provincial Assembly was held in Buenos Aires, together with Uruguay and Paraguay. The current challenge is to open up to a new form of collaboration.

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From the 26th to the 30th of June the Argentinian Province has lived and celebrated its XI Provincial Chapter at the Sacred Heart of Jesus Retreat House in Buenos Aires. This year with a special connotation, since our entities are going through a period of change and union of neighbour countries (Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay). We gathered under the proposed motto “Called to be one in a transforming world. That they may believe”.

A path is beginning to take shape and to become reality, that is why this chapter was held in assembly format, and most of the religious from different countries have participated. We want to walk together as Province of Argentina-Paraguay-Uruguay APU (these are the name and the abbreviation we have proposed for our entity).

On the first day, we began by placing ourselves at Jesus’ feet through Eucharistic Adoration. A reflection on the motto marked the beginning of our chapter, followed by the welcome from provincial superior Fr. Arildo to all the chapter participants.

From Tuesday to Thursday, the chapter work was marked by an appreciation of the documents for the new entity: Provincial Directory, Document on Economy, and the Ratio Formationis for our entity. The work done in commissions and in the chapter plenary was very good. It was marked by a warm atmosphere of exchange, where we were able to work together and, with the contribution of all, to elaborate what will be the juridical framework of our province.

During these days, the liturgical services also expressed the availability to work together. They were divided by different zones that form our province.

A fraternal atmosphere was truly present in the sharing during these days. Nevertheless, the challenge for the future of this emerging entity remains. A challenge that urges us above all to imprint our charismatic identity: our mission. However, the current presence of our Asian confreres has also marked our lives. We are grateful to God for all we have especially shared with them.

We were accompanied by the General Councilor Fr. Levi, Msgr. Virginio Bressanelli, and the new missionaries from India: Frs. Prem, Prassad, Renju and Shabu, who are not officially part of the province yet.

The last part of the chapter was dedicated to thanking all the present, the commissions that worked to prepare the chapter, and the services during these days. May Fr. Dehon help us live the Sint Unum in the cultural and national diversity of our entities.

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