IND: 4th India District Chapter

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We celebrated our fourth India district chapter on 06th of June 2018 in Dehon Vidya Sadhan, Aluva, Kerala. For this chapter there were 32 participants. We started our chapter at 10 am. Fr. Jesus Manuel Baena was the moderator for the chapter, Frs. Balraj Kasipally and Suresh Gottam were the secretaries and Dns. Mary Babu and Harish were the Voting tellers.

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The Chapter began with the prayer for our General chapter led by our district superior, Fr. McQueen Winston Savio. And then Fr. Jesus Manuel Baena gave us some introduction about our chapter and the program. After the introductory part, our district superior, Fr. McQueen Winston Savio gave us his presentation about the India district, its history, present situation and challenges. After his presentation, there was time to raise questions and get clarified. And then we had a coffee break and after which we continued our chapter with the presentation of our district treasurer. He presented about the financial situation of our Indian district through power point presentation. After this presentation there was a time to discuss and clarify the doubts.

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After our lunch break at 03.30 pm, we had video conference with Fr. Stephen Huffstetter and he addressed us for 10 minutes. Then we spent half an hour to give some suggestions for our general chapter from the part of our India district. At end of our district chapter we had voting for electing the delegates. At first we had straw voting to see the possible candidates for the delegation and then we voted for two main delegates and the other two as substitutes. Frs. McQueen Winston Savio and Michael Augustine are elected as delegates to attend the General chapter in Rome. And Bro. Xavier Viju and Fr. Suresh Gottam are elected as substitute delegates.

We thank the Lord for bringing us together for this chapter, we thank all the participants who has contributed, we thank the committee of this chapter and also we thank all the community members and student of Dehon Vidya Sadhan.

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