12 April 2017
12 Apr 2017

A Master of Dehondocs

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DehondocsTeam master

Since 2008, the University of Siena has offered a pilot program in Italy: a “Master’s in Digital Information and Publications.” The aim is “the formation of scientific and professional figures able to operate with tools of documentary material, books, ancient and modern text and to process and manage digitization projects.” Part of the training course involves an internship in libraries, archives and publishers.

Marta Moruzzi knew of the www.dehondocs.it project carried out by the Dehon Study Center in collaboration with the Data Service Center Bologna. “The expertise and the vanguard of the project were evident and led me to choose it as a thesis topic,” said Moruzzi. She developed a Master’s thesis that was presented to an examination committee on March 23. After the successful defense, Moruzzi writes in an email: “I confirm the attention and admiration that the jury expressed for the project; already the next morning they asked me for further information and future developments.”

Taking into account the origins of the project, “we can safely say that they [Dehonians] were visionary pioneers of the great digital revolution that has occurred in recent years in the world.” This is a great success not just for Marta Moruzzi, but also for the team of DSC Bologna, the coordinator Alessandro Benassi, and computer scientist Enrico Baraldi and many other Dehonians who have worked on this project over the years.

More information on this topic will be in the next edition of the newsletter of the CSD.

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