18 March 2016
18 Mar 2016

A week to see the Lord

by  Centro Studi Dehoniani

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For Palm Sunday Fr. Dehon, in one of his longer texts (ASC 6/89), shows us the similarities between the entrance of Jesus into Jerusalem and the feast of Corpus Christi. The Christ who passed through the streets 2,000 years ago also travels those of today. Before him the attitudes and responses are the same yesterday and today.

Along with his deep faith and Eucharistic devotion Fr. Dehon offers us an attitude with which to enter these holy days: “The Sacred Heart asks above all for internal disposition to compassion, love, gratitude and reparation.” (NQT 3/73). The founder also left us stories of how faith becomes art and drama in other churches.

The fruit of his travels are descriptions of what was found in the city of Zamora in Spain (ADP 597-603) and Prizzi, Sicily (SAC 98). Dramatizations of the steps taken by Jesus build the road to salvation along with us. The more detailed description of these memories is the one that took place April 13-14, 1900, in Zamora during his second trip to Spain. He described a holy week designed to “see the Lord.”

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