05 March 2016
05 Mar 2016

Coming to oneself – the prodigal son

by  Centro Studi Dehoniani

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Many times Fr Dehon recalls the parable of the prodigal son. In this parable of mercy one finds the divine gestures which make possible one’s own response in the form of trust, abandonment and oblation (NQT 1/93).

The parable of mercy toward the prodigal son can be an example of our own Lenten journey.

It invites strongly to the healing experience of penance, this parable of Luke’s which is described by Fr. Devon as “one of the most beautiful pages of the gospel” (ASC 9/46). Many times Fr. Founder makes reference to this gesture. At this time, he is still a young spiritual writer, who is limited by a pen not yet capable of a precise reflection. We offer a meditative text which brings us closer to his approach to this biblical page. It is found in the twentieth meditation of his La retraite du Sacre Coeur of 1896.

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