Dehonians in Canada and social engagement

The recent regional assembly of Dehonians in Canada reflected further on the theme of the 9th General Conference on Social Engagement.continue
Dehonian Worldwide
21 September 2022

A House full of Care and Respect

The Brazilian Province (BSP) has inaugurated a house for elderly and sick confreres.

19 September 2022

A Congregation in solidarity and united even economically

From September 12 to 14, the Fundraising Office met for two days in Hales Corners, USA.

16 September 2022

The Joy of being together

On September 10, 2022, the general visitation of Father Carlos Luis Suárez Codorniú SCJ began in Poland.

Dehonian Worldwide
14 September 2022

The Ndoungue Novitiate: an example of Dehonian internationality

Baptized "Sacred Heart House" on October 1, 1979, this novitiate house in Cameroon adopted the international option from the beginning.

Dehonian Worldwide
12 September 2022

A presence that has endured for 125 years

This year, the Dehonians in Congo celebrate 125 years of presence.

Dehonian Studies
09 September 2022

Passion for Dehon and  Dehonian Spirituality

A personality who had a strong influence in the knowledge and reflection on Fr. Dehon and Dehonian spirituality, Fr. Yves Ledure scj has died at the age of 88.

André Borges da Silva, scj & Honaycon Gonçalves, scj

The Superior General’s Visit to the Southern Brazilian Province

Brief chronicle of the Superior General's visit to Brazil. A trip of almost two months.

Levi dos Anjos Ferreira SCJ

With the confreres in Brazil

P. Levi, general councilor, accompanied the Superior General on his official visit to the Dehonians of Brazil. His testimony at the end of the visit

Aimone Gelardi scj (ed.)

Life and apostolate of the first Brothers. 1/4

With Fr. Dehon there were not only priests. Also present at the founder's first profession were two aspiring cooperator brothers. Who were the first brothers? The Editor profiles them and their mission

Luc Van Looy

Religious life is prophecy

In our developed society, what role does consecrated life play? Does communities devoted to contemplation still make sense?

Nicaragua: siege of the church

"Aware that prayer is the strength of the Christian, we invite you to continue imploring Christ to intercede and watch over this His little sheep. We hope that reason, as well as respectful understanding, will open the way to the solution of this critical and complex situation for all."

Aimone Gelardi scj

In Death of Fr. Dehon

The author collects three outstanding documents from the Dehonian archives on Fr. Dehon's death.

Cardinal Hummes dies at 87

Archbishop Emeritus Claudio Hummes died on July 4 at the age of 87: he encouraged us to make possible this Church to go out.

Paolo Motta

Burkina Faso: climate change

There are nearly 2 million internally displaced people in Burkina Faso, about 10 percent of the population. The dire situation in this poor country is also a consequence of climate change and the lack of a circular economy.

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