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"We have seen a scenario of war in which we thought we were dying". Interview with Angelo Rangel, Dehonian layman and social activist of the San Miguel Arcángel del Cementerio parish in Caracas-Venezuela.continue
Dehonian Studies
23 July 2021

Our Spiritual Life (VI)

A series of presentations of the "Reading Guide" to the Constitutions, written by Fr. Albert Bourgeois.

Dehonian Worldwide
22 July 2021

Brother dehonians in Philippine

Fr. Julius Dela Pena  SCJ  and Deacon. Rb Dela Pena SCJ, both are brothers hails from Philiphines , Fr. Julius Dela Pena  SCJ  speaks on his vocation ,life and dreams.

21 July 2021

Dehonians on the road with the Church

Dehonians are into the ‘synodal journey’ proclaimed by Pope Francis. An international team has been created to produce a document and vademecum for the whole congregation.

19 July 2021

Jesus and Michal in Netherlands

About a week ago Fr. Jesus and Fr. Michal arrived in Netherlands to start a new foundation in Nijmegen (Netherlands).

Dehonian Worldwide
19 July 2021

A New Normality

The SCJs in Portugal, after the various waves of the pandemic, have regained life and pastoral dynamism.

Dehonian Studies
16 July 2021

Our Spiritual Life (V)

A series of presentations of the "Reading Guide" to the Constitutions, written by Fr. Albert Bourgeois.


“Il Nostro Frutto” 2021

The community of the Generalate in Rome publishes "Il Nostro Frutto," the magazine that reports on the 2020-2021 academic year, a year marked by the Covid-19 pandemic.

P. Lorenzo Prezzi scj

Saint Joseph: Righteous and Father

"Being fathers means introducing the child to the experience of life, to reality. Not holding him back, not imprisoning him, but making him capable of choices, and giving him the freedom to leave." (Francis in Patris corde).

Wendy-Ann Clarke

Fr. Falke turns the everyday into art

A long life dedicated not only to pastoral service, but to art and music. At the age of 93, he was still creating works of art. Who was Fr. Herman Falke? A Dehonian artist.

Rino Cozza, csj

From community to fraternity

Today it is evident that vocation for discipleship, as it presents itself in its visible aspects of real life, is struggling to attract new people of quality and creativity. This is also due to the fact that the premises of many models of religious life are not viable today even from the theological aspect.

Alfredo Verdoy

Neuhold’s critical study. An evaluation

The Spanish Magazine Estudios eclesiasticos has published a critical reading of David Neuhold's book on Fr. Dehon.

Samuele Bignotti

The church and social justice

An encounter, with an ecumenical focus and the Church's commitment to social justice, between Fratelli tutti of Pope Francis and Per la vita del mondo, towards a social ethos of the Orthodox Church, signed by Patriarch Bartholomew in 2020.

P. Daniel Kouobou scj

Why want to be something, when you can become someone?

For more than a decade we have been witnessing progressive globalization of crises in the world, the current pandemic of COVID-19 is the most powerful manifestation.  The author proposes ways of renewing humanity in each of us and in a global way, starting from a re-reading of the consequences of the current crisis caused by Covid-19.

Gilberto Heleno, scj

Faith to React, Reinvent Yourself and Start Over!

Fr. Gilberto Heleno scj recently published a book on faith: "The present book," he writes, "intends to encourage the reader in the search for faith and to apply it in the concreteness of his daily life."


Jesus and Michal in Netherlands

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Heart to Heart #4 | Bonnie J. Shafrin

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#scjnews | 4: Visit of the General Superior to Cameroon

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