Triduum in Belarus

P. Carlos and Fr. Levi visited Dehonian communities in Belarus during the Easter holidayscontinue
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05 April 2024

The community of La Capelle turns 25

The community of La Capelle was (officially) erected on March 14, 1999.

03 April 2024

Angola: 20 years of Dehonian presence

On 14 March 2024, on the occasion of Father Dehon's birthday, the District of Angola celebrated 20 years of presence on Angolan soil.

With open heart
30 March 2024

The lessons of the Holy Sepulchre: the hidden life

Fr. Dehon's meditations on the passion of Jesus

With open heart
29 March 2024

“Christ loved and delivered Himself for me (Gal 2:20)”

Fr. Dehon's meditations on the passion of Jesus.

With open heart
28 March 2024

Sadness and Prayer

Fr. Dehon's meditations on the passion of Jesus.

With open heart
27 March 2024

Jesus’ last effort to save Judas at the moment of betrayal.

Fr. Dehon's meditations on the passion of Jesus.

With open heart
25 March 2024

“The Passion of the Saviour is the work of His Love”

Fr. Dehon's meditations on the passion of Jesus.

19 March 2024

“I am with you”

In Krakow at Saska street is home to not only the Sacred Heart monastery and hotel, but also also the seat of specialized pastoral ministries, where, among others, is very important to promote a medical and pastoral care for married couples who cannot have children (naprotechnology). An Interview with Father Włodzimierz Płatek scj

12 March 2024

Watching with you!

Letter for March 14, 2024,
on the anniversary of the birth of Father Leo Dehon

Dehonian Worldwide
06 March 2024

Young SCJs dedicate themselves to God

The Province of the Democratic Republic of Congo had the joy this February of seeing vocations flourish through perpetual professions and ordinations to the diaconate and the priesthood.

Dehonian Worldwide
01 March 2024

6 Deacons were Ordained in Palembang 

On February 22, 2024, at St. Paul's Minor Seminary in Palembang, Indonesia, r, six deacons were ordained. The ordination celebration was attended by approximately 70 priests and 500 people.

Marcello Neri

Venezuela: religious information and society

The internationalization project of SettimanaNews, after Congo, experienced a second stage in Venezuela, with the collaboration with two Dehonian confreres, Fr. Antonio Teixeira and Fr. Manuel Lagos.

Louange Kahasi

The inhuman conditions of refugees in North Kivu

The war in Kivu or the banality of human life: the naked lives of millions of Congolese. That's all we can say about the Congolese genocide.

Heiner Wilmer

Together with Francis, for a synodal Church

After Vatican letter to German bishops , Msgr. Heiner Wilmer (Bishop of Hildesheim) speaks out to promote a process of mutual and honest understanding between Rome and Germany

Lorenzo Prezzi, scj


Persecutions exist and are on the rise

IV Latin American and Caribbean Congress of Religious Life

With more than 3,500 religious, the IV Latin American and Caribbean Congress of Religious Life began, organized by the CLAR - Latin American Confederation of Religious.

Yanick N. Maliro-J'écris

Congo: travel impressions /1

From January 10 to 15, editorial meetings were held in Kinshasa between the African magazine J'écris and two representatives of the SettimanaNews editorial team. The project is supported by the Superior General of the Congregation, Father Carlos Luis Suarez Codorniú.

Yanick Nzanzu Maliro

Congo after the elections

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, after the elections on December 20 last year, the scenario that has come to pass in these early days of the new year was expected.

Fr. Carlos Luis Suárez Codorniú, scj, General Superior

“What is Best?”

Letter for Christmas 2023

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