On the road to the IX General Conference

We spoke with Fr. Levi and Fr. Stephen who are the members of the General Council helping to prepare for the next General Conference.continue
On the peripheries
11 April 2021

Congo: Fire at the Dehonian Parish of Saint Clément

On the night of Tuesday, April 6, 2021, the community of the Priests of the Sacred Heart of Jesus was the victim of a fire.

Read the Bible
27 March 2021

The Paradoxes of Faith

Palm Sunday

On the peripheries
24 March 2021

“Giving from the little we have”

Dehonians in Caracas open their doors to the neediest people, offering what little they have.

Read the Bible
20 March 2021

Faithful to the Law of Love

Lent in the eyes of Africa: Fifth Sunday of Lent.

With open heart
19 March 2021

Saint Joseph, patron and model for our vocation

Fr. Dehon always showed particular appreciation for St. Joseph...


IX General Conference

On the road to the General Conference

Franco Valenti

Hans Küng’s death

Hans Küng's death at the age of 93 years old has stirred up more than 50 years of theological dialectics

André Lorenz
Dein Reich Komme

“…as if it was written by a Dehonian!”

Interview with the Superior General on "Fratelli Tutti"


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#scjnews | 4: Visit of the General Superior to Cameroon

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Let’s talk about ecumenism

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