The Yeast Metaphor: A Perspective from Psychology and Sociology

The concept of "transformation" helps to understand the processes of change in psychology and sociology. The biblical metaphor of yeast is perhaps most appropriate to describe the changes needed in the congregation.continue
Dehonian Studies
21 May 2024

Sint unum: chimera or reality?

We cannot think about social life without a reference to the notion of unity. It is in this light that this reflection is situated, which aims to rethink community life , from the African perspective.

Dehonian Studies
17 May 2024

Dehonian Communion

The Dehonians, following the founder’s footsteps, are called to have a personal experience of the Heart of Christ. This as well grounds their communion with the community of brethren and with the whole creation

14 May 2024

International Colloquium on Reparation

On the occasion of the 350th anniversary of the apparitions at Paray-le Monial, an international colloquium on the theme of reparation was held in Rome at Villa Aurelia from May 1-5, 2024. Here is the report of the meeting.

Dehonian Studies
10 May 2024

The General Chapters, ferments of growth of a Dehonian conscience in Africa

In preparation of the 25th General Chapter, we asked some Dehonians to write reflections. Fr. Joseph Kuate proposes an article on the reception of 'Sint Unum' in the African context.

Dehonian Worldwide
08 May 2024

Day of fraternity and formation of the ITS province.

Dehonians of the ITS province every have get together for a day of fraternity and formation. This year the theme was spiritual abuse: how to recognize it, how to prevent it.

Dehonian Studies
06 May 2024

Transformation or refiguration?

In preparation for the XXV general chapter, the North American Dehonian Theological Commission critiques the concept "transformation" as the goal of the next general chapter. Here it explains the reasons why.

Dehonian Worldwide
02 May 2024

Bringing the Dehonian charism to the world

On April 24, the North American Dehonian Theological Commission (NADTC) met via Zoom

Dehonian Studies
26 April 2024

XXV General Chapter: openings to theology

In preparation for the XXV General Chapter, we asked some Dehonians to write reflections . Fr. Juan José Arnaiz Ecker reflects on the theme of "transformation"

24 April 2024

Meeting of the European Dehonian Theological Commission

In Paris, members of the commission discussed the upcoming general chapter, the centenary of the founder's death and social commitment today. Reconfirmed Fr. Stefano Zamboni as coordinator of the commission.

Dehonian Worldwide
22 April 2024

Eight new priests in Cameroon

Saturday April 13, 2024 was a day of celebration and joy for the entire Congregation, and especially for the Cameroon Province, with the ordination to the presbyterate of eight confrere members of this Province.

Dehonian Worldwide
11 April 2024

Triduum in Belarus

P. Carlos and Fr. Levi visited Dehonian communities in Belarus during the Easter holidays

Pages of history
05 April 2024

The community of La Capelle turns 25

The community of La Capelle was (officially) erected on March 14, 1999.

Yanick Nzanzu Maliro

Goma, a dying city

The Democratic Republic of Congo is in a state of war. For nearly three decades, the eastern part of the country has been suffering under repeated clashes. Not a day goes by without not one but several men and women dying as a result of the war.

Lorenzo Prezzi

Angelo Cavagna, Dehonian pacifist

Fr. Angelo Cavagna passed away in Bolognano d'Arco (Italy) on April 28. In his 94 years of life he was a formator, a farmer priest, an animator of international civil service, a proponent of conscientious objection, and a strong pacifist.

Marcello Neri

Venezuela: religious information and society

The internationalization project of SettimanaNews, after Congo, experienced a second stage in Venezuela, with the collaboration with two Dehonian confreres, Fr. Antonio Teixeira and Fr. Manuel Lagos.

Louange Kahasi

The inhuman conditions of refugees in North Kivu

The war in Kivu or the banality of human life: the naked lives of millions of Congolese. That's all we can say about the Congolese genocide.

Heiner Wilmer

Together with Francis, for a synodal Church

After Vatican letter to German bishops , Msgr. Heiner Wilmer (Bishop of Hildesheim) speaks out to promote a process of mutual and honest understanding between Rome and Germany

Lorenzo Prezzi, scj


Persecutions exist and are on the rise

IV Latin American and Caribbean Congress of Religious Life

With more than 3,500 religious, the IV Latin American and Caribbean Congress of Religious Life began, organized by the CLAR - Latin American Confederation of Religious.

Yanick N. Maliro-J'écris

Congo: travel impressions /1

From January 10 to 15, editorial meetings were held in Kinshasa between the African magazine J'écris and two representatives of the SettimanaNews editorial team. The project is supported by the Superior General of the Congregation, Father Carlos Luis Suarez Codorniú.

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