The 57th anniversary of the death of Fr. Bernardo Longo, SCJ

With open heart » 3 November 2024

57 years ago, on 3 November 1964, Fr. Bernardo Longo was killed during the “Simba rebellion”.

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“It is difficult to tell you what the secret of missionary life is. I believe that it is Christ, mysteriously present in the missionary. Christ on the tongue, Christ in the heart, Christ at the altar, Christ at school. Christ in the city, Christ in souls, Christ between the small and the great, Christ loved and blessed in the hard struggle of spirit and flesh. Finding the mold to be a missionary is difficult. I try to attract the protection of the Virgin Mary, the mother of Christ. Missionary life, taken seriously, is a heavy cross. I always try to return to supernatural principles… Prepare yourself in holiness, in peace, in the balance of your capabilities. But above all, pray in humility. Dear young people, the missionary is a madman/fool for Christ. He lives like Paul among all dangers and temptations. But he has Christ to comfort him” (Fr. Bernardo Longo to the students of Bologna, August 18, 1951).


57 years ago, on 3 November 1964, Fr. Bernardo Longo was killed during the “Simba rebellion”. His martyrdom makes sense from a life dedicated to the mission; but above all, from a life given and offered to the Lord. For Him he consecrated himself and offered his life to the end. Let us also pray for his beatification.



We bless you,

Lord Jesus, good shepherd,

because you have given to the Church

the servant of God, Father Bernardo Longo,

priest of your Heart.

You called him to proclaim

the Gospel to the poor

and to give witness to it with the sacrifice of his life.

Look at our poverty and, by his prayer,

Give us the grace of what we ask of you …

Let us participate in the feelings of your Heart

and give us your Spirit so that our life may become

a living sacrifice to God the Father for his glory and joy.


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