19 January 2023
19 Jan 2023

Celebration of the archbishop’s golden jubilee of priesthood

Bishop Aloysius Sudarso SCJ celebrated his priestly jubilee. He expressed his joy for serving God's people until now and he added, "Monks/nuns always try to present the compassionate face of God in the midst of people and society."

by  Andreas A. Yubile, scj

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Eucharistic celebration in thanksgiving for 50 years of priesthood Mgr Aloysius Sudarso SCJ on Wednesday (14/12) took place solemnly. Apart from celebrating the 50th anniversary of the priesthood, Mgr Sudarso also celebrated his 77th birthday on 12 December. This thanksgiving celebration was held in the Xaverius Centrum Studiorum Hall. Eight bishops were also present to celebrate with the emeritus bishop, along with priests, brothers, sisters, religious leaders and representatives of the people.

Along with the celebration 50th priesthood of Mgr Sudarso, Fr. Dhani Indrata SCJ also celebrated his 50th priesthood. It is known that Romo Dhani is Mgr Sudarso’s senior.

The jubilee, Mgr Aloysius Sudarso SCJ expressed his gratitude for reaching the age of 77 and 50 years of priesthood. He admits that he has nothing special in him. His appreciation in life as a priest is not because of his own merit, but rather that of his family, parishioners and priests, as well as fellow bishops.

He admitted that he was very happy to be able to serve the priest in the midst of the people. He saw God working in the midst of the people. By serving God who is present in the people, he feels he can develop as a priest.

The role of priests and monks/nuns is also very important in the life of the emeritus bishop as priests. Monks/nuns always try to present the compassionate face of God in the midst of people and society.

Mgr Sudarso reflected that his vocation is the grace of God which flows from his family. He invited the youth to be brave to respond God’s calling and for all family give a lot of love and support. Because from that love, God’s grace is abundant.

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