CSD Activities

  • To be of service to the General Government in the area of spirituality and theology
  • Dehonian Studies Fellowships: a two-year program that introduces you to various aspects of studies on Fr. Dehon and the Congregation he founded
  • Research work concerning the Dehonian heritage in its history and relevance
  • Taking care of a library section dedicated to the life and thought of Dehon, the charism and the Dehonian congregation
  • Promote collaborative projects with other institutions to promote research on topics relevant to the purposes of CSD
  • Dehonian Formation at the request of the various entities of the Congregation
  • Transcription, digitization, and online publication of Fr. Dehon’s writings at dehondocsoriginals.org
  • Dehonian magazine print and online publication at dehonianadocs.org
  • Print and online publication of the Studia Dehoniana series and Studia varia on studiadehonianadocs.org
  • Online publication of translations of Fr. Dehon’s works on dehondocsinternational.org

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