Team CSD

Fr. <b>Victor de Oliveira Barbosa</b>

Fr. Victor de Oliveira Barbosa

CSD Director

Specialist in Dehonian Studies (BSD).
Licentiate in Spirituality.

Fr. <b>Jakub Bieszczad</b>

Fr. Jakub Bieszczad

Full time Member

Scholarship for Centro Studi Dehoniani (BSD).
CTID verbalist.
Licentiate in Church History.

<b>Maria Ceraolo</b>

Maria Ceraolo


Part-time members

Fr. <b>Juan José Arnaiz Ecker</b>

Fr. Juan José Arnaiz Ecker


Licentiate in Theology of Consecrated Life.

Fr. <b>Emmanuel Nanduri</b>

Fr. Emmanuel Nanduri


Specialist in Dehonian Studies (BSD).
Licentiate in Dogmatic Theology.

Fr. <b>Stefano Zamboni</b>

Fr. Stefano Zamboni


Doctorate in Moral Theology.
Degree in Philosophy.

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