25 January 2022
25 Jan 2022

Day of Prayer for Ukraine

Pope Francis invited all Christians around the world to pray today for the difficult situation in Ukraine. We publish the letter from our confreres in Ukraine.

by  Ryszard Dziuba, scj

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I follow with concern the increase of tensions which threaten to inflict a new blow to peace in Ukraine and call into question the security of the European continent, with even more extensive repercussions. I make a heartfelt appeal to all people of good will to raise prayers to Almighty God in order to make every political action and initiative serve human brotherhood rather than partisan interests.

Pope Francis, Angelus (Sunday, January 23rd)

Dear Confreres,

Greetings from Ukraine, which has lately been much talked about in different parts of the world. At present we have 9 Dehonians here, coming from 3 countries: 6 from Poland, 2 from Moldova and 1 from Ukraine itself. We arrived in this country in 1997, and we serve the people according to our strengths, limitations and possibilities. In the 90s we started everything from scratch. We looked to build the facilities for catechesis and pastoral works in order to gather people. During this period we experienced two revolutions (the so-called “orange“ and “of dignity”) and witnessed the beginning of the war and the annexation of Crimea to Russia in 2014.

We are currently building a church in Irpin near Kiev and a house in Miropol, in the center of the country. We are continuing with various social works, with a kindergarten. We have imported agricultural tools and new varieties of seeds to lend a hand to the development of our people.

Although the situation is worsening day by day, we hope and want to remain in our mission in this country. Thank you for the words of fraternal closeness and comfort that have come to us from our General, Fr. Carlos Luis, and the general administration, from our province of Poland and from other parts of the world.

We are united with the Holy Father in our common prayer for peace in Ukraine and we also ask for your spiritual support and prayers.

We cordially greet you,

Dehonians in Ukraine

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