15 February 2016
15 Feb 2016

Dehonians outside the walls

by  Gimesson Eduardo da Silva, scj

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The whole church draws life from the extraordinary Jubilee of the Divine Mercy as a time of grace in which to contemplate in Jesus Christ the face of the father’s mercy in Jesus.

With St. Paul

Responding to the invitation of Pope Francis to live the Jubilee as a true journey of conversion to pass through the Holy Door of the merciful heart of God, the community of the SCJ general house in Rome made a pilgrimage to the papal basilica of St. Paul Outside the walls on February 13. We lived the moment as a Lenten retreat in which we shared the spiritual experience of passing through the Holy Door and visiting the tomb of the Apostle of the Gentles.

We did this “statio jubilee” in the atrium of the basilica. In prayer we meditated on the grace of divine forgiveness that renews us. We walked, praying Psalm 37 and the Litany of the Saints and crossed the Holy Door of Divine Mercy along with all pilgrims present.

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With Themselves

After the visit to the tomb of the apostle there was a time for confessions and personal prayer. The vice general of the congregation, Fr. Carlos Enrique Caamaño Martin, presided at the Holy Eucharist in the chapel of St. Stephen. Enlightened by the Word proclaimed, we meditated on the embrace of the Merciful Father who welcomes his sons with tenderness and who invites us to bring to all that are depressed and disheartened the grace of His love.

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The pilgrimage, for us as Dehonians, was a moment of spirituality and fraternity lived along with all the people of God in the joy of being welcomed with an embrace from the Father who is rich in mercy.


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