18 February 2016
18 Feb 2016

BSP – Dehonians forever

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On the morning of January 31, in the sanctuary of St. Paul, New Trent, Brazil, 13 of our confreres made their perpetual profession of religious vows: Fr. Agnaldo Aparecido Gonzeli, Fr. Agnaldo Nunes de Faria, Fr. Darildo da Silva, Fr. Diego Martins, Fr. Eduardo José Fonseca, Fr. Eduardo Nunes Pugliesi, Fr. Flavio Aparecido Alves, Fr. Helton Iomes, Fr. Igor Jeronimo Almeida Pereira, Fr. Juliano Martins de Morais e Fr. Silvano Borba.

These young SCJs belong to the three Brazilian provinces, BRM, BRE, BSP, and a district, BSL. Preparation for profession began on January 3 with a course and a retreat by various experts.


Let us pray for them to the Sacred Heart of Jesus with the motto that they have chosen, “SINT UNUM”, through the intercession of Ven. Fr. Dehon, that the Lord will continue to bless all the entities with a call to religious life and many more vocations such as these.

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