30 June 2016
30 Jun 2016

Enlighten yourself to the Dehonian life!

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For a whole week under the Pliszczyn (Poland) sky, a group of young people came together to share our spirituality. From June 27 through July 2 they sought to renew the grace of baptism that allowed them to enter into life in a new way.

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It is not the first time, but the 23rd week in which they shared the joy of being believers, seeking answers to difficult questions as they prayed together. This year they focused on the word “Switch ON,” in life, in the family, in the Church and in Christ. The week was enriched by meetings with passionate people, group work, but also with workshops to develop talents.

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Daily Eucharist and Adoration allowed participants to reflect on and deepen their personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Filled with enthusiasm of the faith they returned to their city believing with more conviction than ever that it is possible to create a civilization of love!



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