20 June 2023
20 Jun 2023

Feast of the Sacred Heart at the Founder’s: La Capelle

The whole congregation celebrated the feast of the Sacred Heart with solemnity. The confreres in La Capelle share moments of prayer and celebration.

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In communion with the universal Church and all SCJ confreres throughout the world, we recounted God’s marvels for each of us, together with the Christian communities of La Capelle and the surrounding area, venerating the Heart of His beloved Son.

With joy, song, meditation and a glass of friendship, we celebrated the Sacred Heart of Jesus in two stages.

First, Mass was celebrated in the church of Saint Grimonie in La Capelle, on the baptismal font in which our Founder, Venerable Father Léon Dehon, whose name the parish carries today, was immersed. The mass, presided over by Father Jean-Roger Lando Tchoffo, scj, was attended by Confrères de La Capelle, other apostolic collaborators from our pastoral zone (priests and deacons) and, above all, numerous lay faithful from the various parishes we serve: Vénérable Léon-Jean Dehon (La capelle), Notre-Dame des Prés (Le Nouvillon), Notrte-Dame de Thiérache (Hirson), Notre-Dame de la Salette (Guise), Sainte Thérèse en Thiérache (Etreux) with its 94 steeples.

We continued the evening in the village hall for a friendly drink, at the invitation of the Mayor of La Capelle and his Council, who, in their own way, wanted to join in the festivities and commune with us in the glorification of the Sacred Heart.

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