29 June 2022
29 Jun 2022

Interview with Brother Michel Poirier

Visit of the General Councilor, Father Charles Aime Koudjou, to the oldest Dehonian in the Congregation. An interview with Brother Michel Poirier, born in 1915.

by  Charles Aime Koudjou, scj

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Did you know that you are the oldest member of the Congregation?

Br. Michel answers with a big smile and then adds: “Yes, I have come a long way and it is not over yet. I also had a fall recently but thanks to God I am still here. Knees are very important, especially for walking. Mine are finished. You have to maintain them well. We are sometimes cut off from the congregation (a little allusion to the announcement of the death of Father André Perroux). You have to come and see us often.”

What is the most important event in your life?

Without hesitation, Brother Perroux affirms: “Religious profession. It is not always honored.”

What is the most important event in the life of the world?

“The war. My father was killed in the war of 1914. I was born in 1915, so I didn’t know my dad.”

What Dehonian values do you hold dear?

“The missions, the schools. I am happy with my life despite the accident. The staff here is very friendly. They are wonderful, jovial, and work with great dedication. It is not a chore for them.”

What advice do you give for young religious?

“To remain faithful, to study well, to form oneself well, to prepare oneself well in all areas of education, religious, but especially professionally.  Then he evokes memories of Viry Chatillon: “we had 210 students and 16 teachers”. Then he smiles cheerfully at the mention of the names of some of them. And concludes on this beautiful information: “I was made Dean of the city. The mayor comes by from time to time to say hello.

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